Father Jason Epps

Jason Epps (bio)Jason Douglas Epps was born in Kingsport, Tennessee on April 9, 1972; the first of what would eventually be three sons born to William David and Cynthia Scott Douglas Epps. David was a minister in the Methodist Church. Cindy was a registered nurse who would later become the associate dean of the School of Nursing at the University of West Georgia. Both of his parents were faithful believers and hard workers, and growing up watching them shaped his life. One of his earliest memories was when, at age three, he gave his heart to Jesus.

When Jason was 8 years old, the Epps family moved to Colorado, where David took a position as an associate pastor of a large Assemblies of God congregation. The family now boasted two more sons, Jason’s younger brothers John Peyton and James Daniel Epps. In Colorado Jason was exposed to charismatic worship, and it was here that he was filled with the Holy Spirit. At age 9, he also joined a karate school that was begun at the church by his father.

When Jason was 11 years old the family moved to Peachtree City, Georgia, where David took a position as the senior pastor of a small Assemblies of God church. By this time, Jason had learned some very valuable lessons from his parents. 1) God loves his children. 2) God is trustworthy. 3) When God says to do something, you do it and he will take care of you.

Growing up in Georgia, Jason earned his black belt in karate at age 14, and discovered a love for playing football. He played Offensive Guard and Defensive End for the McIntosh High School Chiefs, and in the fall of 1989 he received the Offensive Lineman of the Year award at the end of his senior season. After graduating, he received a football scholarship to Olivet Nazarene University in Kankakee, Illinois where he played varsity offensive guard for the Olivet Tigers. After two years Jason transferred to Georgia State University, graduating in December of 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts in History.

During his senior year at Georgia State, Jason met and married Jessica Paula Pierce of Griffin, Georgia and, after graduation; he was sworn in as a police officer with the Peachtree City (Georgia) Police Department in April of 1995. It was during this time that Jason’s father, David was led to become a priest in the Charismatic Episcopal Church (CEC), pioneering Christ the King CEC in Sharpsburg, Georgia. Early on, and contrary to everything he had always thought he wanted for himself, Jason felt led to begin the process of Holy Orders in the CEC.

In 1997, Jason became a Detective in the Criminal Investigations Division where he was promoted to the rank of Detective Corporal. During his stint as a detective, he was certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Hostage Negotiator, and in 2000 he received the Police Officer Purple Heart for injuries received in the line of duty. In 2001 Jason transferred back to the Patrol Division and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. In November of 2004 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in the Patrol Division. He would later return to the Detective Division as the head of the division. Jason has served as the senior Firearms Instructor, a member of the Honor Guard/Saber Team and as a Watch Commander. In 2014, he graduated from the FBI National Academy Quantico, VA, a privilege granted to only 2% of the nation’s law enforcement officers.

In 2005, Jason began the Master of Ministry Program at Saint Michael’s Seminary in Manchester, Georgia under Canon Robert Wills, and was ordained into the diaconate in the Mid South Diocese of the CEC by Bishop John Holloway on September 10, 2006 in Sharpsburg, Georgia. He later graduated from seminary and was ordained to the priesthood by his father, Bishop David Epps, Bishop Holloway’s successor. Father Jason currently serves as the Dean at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Sharpsburg, Georgia. He is a member of the Rector’s Council, the leader of the Cathedral Council, and is an investigator for the Diocese of the Mid-South is and when allegations are brought against clergy.

At the Peachtree City Police Department, Jason is the senior Firearms Instructor, a member of the Honor Guard/Saber Team and currently the Watch Commander for the Patrol Division shift, Bravo Team.

Jason lives in Senoia, Georgia with his wife, Jesse. They have four children: Victoria Sabrina, Isaac Pierce, Eliana Elizabeth and Rebekah Grace.